Are you most Fashion-conscious guy? Explore our collection of classy Men’s Pants


A good pair of casual trousers is a seamless choice amid a casual cool and semi-formal setting. Though, men’s trouser have array of cuts, fits and fabrics, we let you look trendy, stay updated and fashionably comfortable.

The key mission of ErasFashion is to serve “something unique” thus we explicitly designed our collection in two styles; flat front and pleated. The former one is designed specifically for slimmer individuals whereas Pleated verities are pretty well for those who are slightly bulky at the torso.

Because Cotton never goes out of the style for some folks thus our selection also comprises of 100% khaki cotton pants that extant unified office/casual wears. As depends on your choice, they embrace of either pleats or flat fronts. We’ve got you covered contemporary fashion wears and oldies (like Cargo pants) as well. This speaks about how vigilant ErasFashion is towards its client’s exclusive.